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The Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists is the primary body representing the UAE's science community. Composed of the UAE’s top researchers from several institutions in the country, with expertise in the fields of natural sciences, engineering & technology and health and medical sciences, MBRAS aims to establish a link between the science community, government and industry through supporting evidence-based policies, solutions to challenges, and creating opportunities.



  • Inspiring new generation of scientists and raising awareness about scientific research
  • Promote MBRAS members and their projects.
  • Promote science literacy in collaboration with media personnel
  • Provide science community and media with tools for effective communication about science
  • Elevate the status of MBRAS on international levels
  • To review and refine the membership selection criteria
  • To streamline the selection process
  • To attract top ranking scientists nationally
  • Retention and progress in STEM from both genders 
  • Promote women in science in the UAE and their projects
  • Represent women in the science community
  • Represent the youth within the science community
  • Increase engagement and contribution of young scientists in the country


MBRAS awards the Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Distinguishiment to notable scientists in the UAE. The Medal is the highest scientific acknowledgement in the UAE. It celebrates scholars and scientists and highlights their role in the society to present scientists as role models and source of pride for the UAE. It further aims to create an enabling environment for promoting innovation and scientific research, especially among young scientists. In addition to the medal, the winners and their family members will be eligible to receive the Golden Visa.

This award is given annually in recognition of the efforts to support research and the scientific community in the UAE. This award is given in Ramadan every year to align with this holy month. This award is very important as the winner will be a role model to other to invest in science and this will achieve the objectives of the country in supporting the field of science and technology in the UAE.

MBRAS Members


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