Bhanu Chowdhary

Dr. Chowdhary is currently the Dean at the College of Food & Agriculture, UAE University. During the past 41+ years he has worked in various prestigious universities in India, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Qatar and UAE as a teacher, researcher and a senior administrator in research & graduate education. His primary research interests are in the field of animal genetics, specifically focusing on cytogenetics, comparative genomics, gene mapping, disease genetics, etc. He has published over 220 original research articles, books and reviews in prestigious international journals some of which represent groundbreaking work, and has received several million USD in funding from various highly competitive national and international research agencies around the world. He has won some prestigious recognitions for his research, like the Pfizer Award for Research Excellence, Distinguished Achievement Award for Research (TAMU) and University Faculty Fellow (AgriLife Research). He has served as the President of the Texas Genetics Society and is currently Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M, University, USA. His passion is to advance, organize and promote education and research in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and strengthen awareness on global food security.

Most research interests for a scientist

  • Comparative mammalian genetics
  • Disease genetics
  • Genetics of male fertility