Matteo Chiesa

Dr. Chiesa is a material scientist whose work focuses in creating and implementing technologies necessary to adapt the current energy system into a more sustainable, competitive and secure one. Dr. Chiesa designs and investigates engineered nanomaterials for solar energy conversion and storage systems. Currently He focuses his research on tackling specific challenges related to the deployment of renewable energy under desert conditions through a synthetic and symbiotic approach. Dr. Chiesa cultivates interdisciplinarity and combine technologies to create optimal solutions while ensuring their harmonious integration in a societal context to achieve sustainable living and the wellbeing of people. This approach has characterised his research at Masdar Institute (now KU) where, since 2007 he has systematically tackled several of the major challenges related to solar energy implementation in desert environment. The outcome of his research has been pivotal in the realisation of photovoltaics projects promising electricity at record-low prices with PPA (power purchase agreement) bids reaching as low as 1.35c/kWh. In terms of scholar contribution, Dr. Chiesa has built a dynamic team that is recognised by his community for consistently attempting to enhance the capability of the AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) in characterising not only morphological variations in the surface, but also identifying chemistry and even distinguishing material phases that are not straightforwardly identified by traditional techniques.

Most research interests for a scientist

  • Energy
  • Nanomaterials
  • Energy Materials


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