Fathalla Ali Rihan

Fathalla Rihan is currently professor of mathematics at the United Arab Emirates University (UAE). He was awarded his BSc in mathematics from the Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, in 1986. He received his PhD in 2000 from the School of Mathematics, The University of Manchester (UK), in “Numerical Treatment of Delay Differential Equations in Biosciences” and completed his Doctor of Science Degree (DSc) from National University of Uzbekistan, in the field of “Features of Delay Differential Equations and Their Application.” His research interests include numerical analysis; mathematical biology, mathematical modeling of real-life phenomena with memory (cell division, population dynamics, and infectious diseases, neural networks), parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis; and qualitative and quantitative analysis of delay differential equations. He has published a considerable number of research articles in highly impacted journals and has participated in more than 100 international conferences. Over the course of his career, Prof. Rihan has worked in different institutes, including Manchester University (UK) and Salford University (UK). In addition, he is on the editorial board of many international journals and a reviewer for American Mathematical Society. He has supervised many PhD students and is a principal investigator of many research projects in the field of mathematical biology. Prof. Rihan was among the top 2% of researchers classified by Stanford University for 2019–2020. He has more than 30 years of experience in teaching mathematics to undergraduate and graduate students. He is also an expert in quality assurance and accreditation of higher education institutes.

Most research interests for a scientist

  • Mathematical modeling of real-life phenomena with memory (cell division, population dynamics, immunology and infectious diseases, neural networks);
  • Parameter estimations, data assimilations, inverse problems, and sensitivity analysis;
  • Numerical treatmnets of ordinary, delay and fractional-order differential equations


Numerical Mathematical Biology