Sajid Maqsood

Sajid Maqsood is a Professor in Department of Food, Nutrition and Health at College of Food and Agriculture, UAEU. He has obtained his PhD in Food Science and Technology from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand (2010). He has started his academic career in May-2011 at UAEU as a post-doctorate Fellow after which he was appointed as Assistant Professor in Aug-2011. Currently, he is a Full Professor in Food Science and Assistant Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at College of Food and Agriculture, UAEU.

Most research interests for a scientist

Since his joining UAEU in 2011, Prof. Sajid has dedicated and aligned his research exclusively on food and nutritional needs of UAE and the region. Camels and dates have been and will be an important sustainable food resources for the region against all odds of climate change, etc and their products have shown increasing demand amongst the native population of UAE and the region. He has established an innovative research program at UAEU which focus on bioactive molecules in camel milk and dates, investigating their functional and health beneficial properties, and diversifying their utilization through novel food product development. He is leading an active research group in Food, Nutrition and Health Department with multidisciplinary collaboration within UAEU and abroad. He aims to become a world-renowned scientist in his field of research through impactful research beneficial to the society.
He has been recently recognized as Top 2% Scientist in the “Food Science” discipline by Stanford University (USA) based study in 2020. He has also been awarded with “Altech Young Scientist Award (Altech Inc, USA) (2010) and excellent researcher award by UAE University (2020). He has published over 80 publications in well-recognized international journals and edited 3 books.


  • Food and health
  • Food Sustainability
  • Novel protein-based food products.