The Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists is the primary body representing the UAE's science community. Composed of the UAE’s top researchers from several institutions in the country, with expertise in the fields of natural sciences, engineering & technology and health and medical sciences, MBRAS aims to establish a link between the science community, government and industry through supporting evidence-based policies, solutions to challenges, and creating opportunities.


Broaden the impact of the UAE scientific community
Activate the role of scientists in the UAE’s development process
Provide advice to government entities on the best policies that can be adopted in science, engineering & technology and health sciences
Shape the future of scientific and technological advancement.


Members Selection Committee
  • Reviewing membership/ affiliation criteria annually.
  • Conducting interviews to choose members and affiliates.
  • Committee membership is for academy members only.
Outreach Committee
  • Promoting STEM study and research
  • Retaining scientific talent
  • Nurturing young scientists
Science Communication Committee
  • Supporting local media to promote coverage of science-related news.
  • Developing Science and Technology Journalism Program.
  • Promoting science literacy in collaboration with media channels.

Advisory Boards

The advisory boards includes experts supporting government and advisory on S&T matters and they will be the passive body called on by federal government when needed

  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology

MBRAS Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is one of MBRAS initiatives held annually with the participation of all MBRAS members and affiliates. The meeting aims to discuss the challenges in the fields of health and medical sciences, engineering, technology and natural sciences through different roundtables and workshops. Members and affiliates will be responsible for developing initiatives and action plans to overcome the sector challenges, achieve the national agenda objectives, and enrich the scientific community locally and internationally.