Rim Fares

Dr. Rim Fares is an astrophysicist. She is specialized in studying magnetism in stars, exoplanets, their environment, interactions with their hosting stars, and habitability.
She earned a PhD in Astrophysics from Paul Sabatier University in France. After her PhD, she worked as a research fellow at the University of St Andrews in the United Kingdom, and at the Astrophysical Observatory of Catania/The National Institute for Astrophysics in Italy. She then moved to Lebanon as an assistant professor (part-time) at the Lebanese American University, before joining the United Arab Emirates University in 2019 as an assistant professor. Dr. Fares is a member of international Astronomical societies (Arab, French, and European societies, as well as the International Astronomical Union). She is a board member of the Arab Astronomical Society, and a member of the Organizing Committee of the “Impact of Magnetic Activity on Solar and Stellar Environments” Commission of the International Astronomical Union. She co-authored a book chapter, 40+ peer-reviewed papers, with 2500+ Scopus citations.

Most research interests for a scientist

• Star-Planet Interactions
• Stellar magnetism
• Exoplanets’ environment and habitability