Khaled Shaalan

Prof. Khaled Shaalan awarded PhD in Computer Science, “Software Development Environment Based on Object Oriented and Logic Programming Paradigms”, under Joint channel supervision system between Cairo University, Egypt and Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden. He is a professor of Computer Science specialized in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. He has been Ranked among the top 2% influential scholars Worldwide in ‎‎2020 and 2021, which depicts the 100,000 top-scientists in ‎the world, according to a study led by Dr Ioannidis and his ‎research team in Stanford University: ‎ He has been ranked by as one of the top scientists worldwide
Acted as PI & Co-PI of eight funded projects to lead a diversity of funded international and national research projects in machine translation, named entity recognition, information retrieval, parsing, intelligent language tutoring systems, health informatics, and expert systems. International collaborators and external organisations are involved. He has published over 260 referred publications with high impact as indicated by his H-index metric. Most of his international journal publications appeared in top journals with high  Web of Science-JIF & SCOPUS-SJR Journal metrics.  He supervised 99 Postgraduate students to completion: 78 MSc. & 21 PhD students.
He acted as external evaluator for academic Promotion: 45 promotion reviews from 24 Universities; 24 to the rank of Associate Professor and 21 to the rank of Full Professor.
He also acted as external examiner for assessing 25 PhD theses for different universities worldwide.
Prof Khaled has been actively and extensively supporting the local and international academic community. He is a Chairman and founder of international conferences, including ACLing and ICETIS conferences 
He is a member of the journal editorial board including TALLIP, AKCE, and TEM Journal. Besides to special issues and edited books.
He has been invited to deliver Keynote Speech to several international conferences and events.
He is the Head of the informatics department that offer ‎Programmes of PhD in ‎Computer Science, MSc in ‎Informatics, and BSc in ‎Computer Science (Artificial ‎Intelligence, Software ‎Engineering).‎

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My primary research area ‎is Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language ‎Processing, ‎Computational Linguistics, Knowledge Management, and Education Technology.‎


My speciality sub-areas are Arabic Natural Language Processing, Computational Semantics, Computational Morphology, Spelling and Grammatical Checking, Named Entity Recognition, Parsing, Intelligent Language Tutoring systems, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Question Answering, Information Retrieval, and Diacritization.
My secondary research area is Knowledge Management, including studying and developing of knowledge sharing methodology, expert systems building tools, expert systems development, and knowledge verification.