Ayesha Khouri

Ayesha Abdulla Alkhoori is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) under Prof. Kyriaki Polychronopoulou at Khalifa University. Alkhoori joined Khalifa University’s graduate program as one of few selected graduate students in MSE.  She earned her MSc and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Khalifa University in 2017 and 2015, respectively. Her pioneering work has received a double-digit number of citations only months after it appeared in top-tier journals. Ms. Alkhoori’s motivation during her MSc studies took her all the way to the renowned group of Prof. Pratsinis in ETH Zurich, where she worked on flame utilization for nanoparticle production. In addition to her full-time studies at Khalifa University, Ayesha has been teaching different undergraduate engineering labs since 2016.

Most research interests for a scientist

She became the first Emirati PhD student to join the Center for Catalysis and Separations in Khalifa University and expanded her research towards the rapidly emerging areas of catalysis for carbon dioxide capture and conversion, energy, and sustainability.