Ali Al Awadhi

A committed learner and researcher with interest in several fields of chemistry. Devoted to connecting cutting edge research to real world applications. Worked on several projects and won several prizes and awards. Have experience in experimental work in the lab. Founded his own company ( Saqr Aerospace LLC ). His areas of interest are material science,  inorganic chemistry, energy storage, electrochemistry, high performance UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems).

Most research interests for a scientist

My current research in the field of material science in general and the field of energy storage specifically is aimed at developing cutting edge technologies in the topic of high performance batteries. Both my current work and aim is focused in the development of the recently evolving proton batteries technology to enable the field of renewable energy in the UAE in achieving its goals feasibly.


  • Material science
  • Energy storage
  • Cutting edge technologies in the topic of high performance batteries